Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar (Nob Hill)


Review Summary:
I picked the Tonga Room because the pictures looked amazing online–there was a band on a boat!!  I visited the Tonga Room on Wednesday, February 18th, for my weekly dinner with Grandpa (Grandpa Party Night).

I thought the Tonga Room was amazing because of the music, the band, and the indoor thundershower that started during our meal (but we did not get wet from the rain)!  It was just so cool.

I started with pineapple juice in a coconut cup with an umbrella!  The Tonga Room has a kid menu with a good variety of food, including a white fish (Mahi-mahi), prepared in theme with the restaurant.  Mom tried to talk me into the fish, however I decided to try the beef and noodles with vegetables.  It was good, but not outstanding, plus I was fairly full from the delicious dumplings and edamame that I started with from the adult menu–I liked both a lot.  For dessert we went wild and had the volcano bowl filled with ice cream and a flaming center!  It had mango, raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream.  Overall, I loved the food.  My favorite part was dessert because of the flame–it was so exciting!

Mom’s Thoughts (for what they’re worth):
My mom thought that the kids menu was decent but she was not overly impressed with the lack of vegetables in the noodle beef dish and the generous use of salt.  However, she agreed that it was a relaxing and fun night out for a six year old because the music was festive, the environment was loud, and the waiter was friendly.  My mom also said that the mai tai was delicious and it felt like a mini Hawaiian vacation.

Review Pictures:


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