About Simone!

Hi! My name is Simone.  You can find me wandering around San Francisco at lots of new restaurants with my orange food notebook and pen.  I am six years old and I like apples.  I also like Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and Japanese foods.  I have been known to love a good burger, too!  I am sharing my ideas about food because I think kids have a right to eat well, too!  It is important for kids to know the names of good restaurants so that parents don’t make all of the decisions for us!

I will grade restaurants using 1 sun through 5 suns (as well as rising suns) to let my readers know how much this kid liked the food.  I am using sunshine as my symbol because I just moved to San Francisco, and I love the sunshine here!

Here is what I look for in a restaurant:

1. Is the waiter/waitress, host, and/or chef nice to kids?  Do I feel welcome and is there an activity for kids, such as crayons and paper?

2. Is there a good kids’ menu?  And when I say a good kids’s menu, I mean are there choices that allow me to fully taste the chef’s food while not burning my mouth?  Even though I like some regular kid food, my mom says it is important that I try lots of new food, too.  A good kids’ menu lets me get comfortable with a new food but shouldn’t make me cry.

3. Is the food good?  I think food is good if I enjoyed eating it and learned something new.  My mom asks questions about whether the food was grown nearby by farmers and whether the chefs care about sustainably produced and organic foods.  Also, I adore chocolate and am very happy when I have a good dessert somewhere.

4. Is this a space where I could be a kid?  I like to move around sometimes, and although I am an experienced foodie, not all places allow me to get my wiggles out without a scene.

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