Spruce (Presidio Heights)


Review Summary:
I went to Spruce for a lazy Sunday lunch today, and I brought my parents with me so that we could hang out just the three of us.  I chose Spruce because it was one of those days when I really needed a burger, and mom’s kale salad was not going to cut it.  Also, I heard this is a cool place in a neighborhood that my parents really like to walk around on a sunny day like today (I was also hoping to talk them into new shoes from my favorite shoe store down the street, but it didn’t work).

Anyway, about the food.  When we got to Spruce, mom said that we could eat at a table in the less formal bar area, but I wanted to sit at one of the long leather couches with a low table.  I brought my new legos, so I wanted to be sure to have extra wiggle room and play space.  Mom and dad said ok because it was a good view of the restaurant and we could see people walking by outside, too.  The restaurant was full of people but it was quiet enough for family talk and for me to focus on writing my reviews.  I didn’t have to look at the menu because I came for one thing–the burger.  Dad says the burger is sort of famous so we both ordered it.  I eat a lot of foods, but I am really picky about my burgers.  I like the bun, the patty, and one slice of tomato–and that’s it.  At Spruce, it is great because everything on the burger comes on the side!  Kids, you can make it anyway you wish!  I loved my burger, and highly recommend it!  I ate more than my dad!  Also, the fries are some of the best in the city.  Kids don’t be afraid to bring your parents here for a yummy cool lunch–the food is kid friendly, the staff was super nice (Alexandra came by to talk to me about my food reviews, and was really nice!), and the busy bar area was perfect to eat and play legos!

Mom’s Thoughts (for what they’re worth):
My mom loves Spruce’s huge front doors and she says that the inside is dramatic and cool.  She adores the chefs’ focus on local foods and she says that there is nothing on the menu that she wouldn’t love to eat!  Mom had the grilled rib-eye with fried eggs and béarnaise sauce, which she said was spectacular.  She also liked the way Alexandra and the hosts talked to me–realizing that I am a person who deserves to know about good food, too (even though I am six, and still growing my palette).  Mom said that there wasn’t a kids’ menu and I wasn’t offered any coloring options, although that was ok because I brought my legos–but the menu does have limited options that might not please all young foodies.  Mom also said that the Sunday brunch drink menu looked really fun (especially the pisco sour!) and she wants to go back soon to try one.  Fine with me, I know what I am ordering!

I give Spruce two and a half bridges!!! Kids, come for the food, let your parents come to feel cool!

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