Alexander’s Steakhouse (SoMa)


Kid Foodie Review:
Last night was Wednesday Grandpa Party night, and we decided it was steak time!  I put on a red dress to match Grandpa and we headed to Alexander’s Steakhouse.  In two words, this place was SUPER COOL!  I loved our table because we were right by all of the chefs and a big nitrogen tank that had to let off steam now and then!  And kids–everyone gets homemade cotton candy for dessert!

So, here is the scoop on what dinner was like for this kid.  Jayse O’Brien was our server and he was one of the best servers ever.  He brought me and Grandpa a special sparkling lemonade so that I could cheers with my parents and Grandpa. In general, Jayse made me feel really comfortable and happy to be there–I felt like a big kid.  The chefs brought out a ton of little food surprises for me to try, and I even tried Salmon eggs! I loved the surprises during dinner and learned that this steakhouse had a lot of Japanese touches–like the seaweed and salmon starter and the edamame appetizer.  There is no kids’ menu here, but Jayse said he would make me a special 3 oz filet (a super fancy cut of steak) and I saw mashed potatoes on the menu, so it was perfect!  The best part about my steak, though, was this metal board of 12 different salts for me to choose from!  It was amazing!  There was even a little spoon for the salt, which was really cute.  I loved the black Cyprus salt.

And then, it only got better from there.  We ordered a mint chocolate souffle (the mint ice cream got sucked into the hot souffle like a volcano!) and a German chocolate cake.  But before the desserts came, the chefs made me sour cherry cotton candy!  It was huge and everyone loved it!

Kids, I give Alexander’s Steakhouse 3 out of 3 bridges for kids’ dinning.  Everyone was nice, the restaurant was very exciting, and I just love the food!  Take your parents soon!!

Mom’s Thoughts (for what they’re worth):
My mom thinks that Alexander’s is the best steakhouse in the city–sorry Harris.  She ordered the 20 oz ribeye chop because she says that she loves good fat marbling in her steak–and this steak was corn-fed deliciousness.  Mom said that this place does a great job selecting the highest quality meats and that it was possibly the best steak she had ever had–and Grandpa agreed!  My dad likes leaner meat, and loved his grass-fed organic filet too.  Everyone at the table loved the wild mushrooms and the mashed potatoes.  The chef sent out a layered potato taste as we waited for our steak that was just divine.  Mom also loved the big reds on the wine menu, including a cab made just for Alexander’s, and the hamachi shots to start.  Overall, my mom loves this place for kids because Jayse was very aware of how impatient I can be over a long adult dinner, and he kept me engaged with surprises along the way.  Also, there was so much to watch as the busy chefs worked, that I was entertained–and it was even loud enough that I watched a bit of a movie on dad’s iPhone when I got sleepy at the end.  We all left dinner feeling really happy, really full, and planning our next visit.

Review Pictures:

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