Delarosa (Marina)



Kid Foodie Review:

Hi kid foodies!  I went to Delarosa with my Grandpa last night for Wednesday Grandpa Party Night, orange notebook in hand, and had a great time on Chestnut Street!  This place is very colorful, which I liked.  Our server, Tanya, was super nice and took a lot of time to explain the menu to me.  There were lots of other kid foodies eating dinner here, so I got up to say hello to a few.  I started with a crab french fry (dungeness crab fritti) that was delicious!  Then I ate so many of the awesome meatballs that I didn’t even save room for my pasta!  I think other kids will love this place too–everyone was very nice, there were lots of kids, and the food was yummy!  I give Delarosa two bridges.  And kids don’t forget to stop at SusieCakes after dinner!

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

I am a big fan of Chestnut Street in the Marina, and a frequent visitor of SusieCakes, so I have walked by the much-loved Delarosa many times.  Locals seem to flock here to sit outside under the heat lamps to  watch passersby over leisurely Italian meals and wine.  We were hoping to sit outside in the evening sun, but there was a bit of a wait so we headed inside for what turned out to be a great table in a festive place.  This place is very kid-friendly with comfortable tables, good background noise, cheerful servers, and lots of food on the adult menu pleasing to kids (or easily modified for kids).  Tanya was great and told us about her favorites on the menu, which we mostly followed.

We started with the burrata bruschetta which was amazing!  I have been following the “fancy toast” trend a bit in San Francisco as a lover of the entire delicious concept, and I was blown away by this starter–creamy burrata on just-crispy-enough toast with honey and hazelnut.  Yum!  Kid Foodie started with the pork meatballs (parents ask for non-spicy marinara sauce!) and she loved it.  She also loved the crab fritti and declared it a crab french fry!  Next we tried the red and gold beet salad with shaved ricotta and truffle–it was fresh with and delicious with the creamy ricotta pairing nicely with the bright beets and crisp arugula.  The gnocchi florentine is a MUST TRY–think creamy spinach deliciousness, and the papparedelle napoletana is great for kids (a delicate wide noodle pasta with a mild red sauce and tender shredded pork).  The thinly crusted pizzas looked terrific, too, however we didn’t try them this time.

In short, Delarosa is  a fantastic place for kids and adults, especially on a warm evening.  The unfussy food was delicious and we all walked away feeling happy and full.

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