Mourad (SoMa)


Kid Foodie Review:

Hi fellow kid foodies!  I went to Mourad for Moroccan food last Wednesday for Grandpa Party Night!  Grandpa and I decided to wear white and I came ready to review with my orange notebook.  I really like Moroccan food–it has a lot of flavor, it is usually not to spicy for me, and I can always find something that I like.  Mourad is really pretty and I liked the cool floor and high ceilings.  The hosts were nice when I came in, although they didn’t have any crayons for me and there wasn’t a kids’ menu.  I ordered the chicken wings with the sauce on the side, and I ate them all–although I did not like them as much as the chicken wings at Aziza, which are my favorite!  I also had some of my my mom’s ribeye and my dad’s halibut, which I liked but didn’t love.  I wasn’t in the mood to try any other dishes that night, so I waited for dessert, which turned out to be way too tricky for me!  Overall, I give Mourad only one and half bridges for kids.

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

I simply adore Aziza (Richmond District) with its amazing menu and intimate space, and I really wanted to love Mourad, too, but I just didn’t.  Things started off well.  The space is spectacular and it was bustling on Wednesday night with a trendy after-work crowd.  The menu looked great, and I found a white Burgundy that was divine.  I love Moroccan food because everyone in our family adores its deliciously comforting (yet exciting) options, which makes for an out-of-the-box crowd-pleaser.  However, during our meal, I found myself comparing Mourad with Aziza and feeling disappointed.  I expected to love several of the dishes (the kale with citrus side, the eggplant starter, and the ribeye) but they fell short into the “pretty good” range.  The halibut was the outlier of the meal and was a truly beautiful cut of fish–snowy white and delicious.  The desserts were fun–extremely creative and elaborate for the adventurous, although Kid Foodie did not enjoy the complexity.  Ultimately, I felt like just another number here, and the food was good but not great.  Gone was any sense of intimacy with the chef, staff, or the cuisine.

The restaurant is loud and exciting for kids but there is no kids’ menu and the staff was not overly accommodating with the adult menu (or even just interested in exposing a child to the cuisine).  Additionally, when Kid Foodie asked for crayons (which yielded only a pen), one of the hosts came rushing over with a clip board to put under kid foodie’s paper to “protect the table.”  This was, perhaps, the most sustained attention we received from the staff.  In short, I don’t recommend Mourad as a fun way to expose kids to delicious Moroccan food.  It is fun, trendy, beautiful, and the food is pretty good–but Kid Foodie was at best an after thought, and at worst a potential hazard to the restaurant’s table.  Go for a drink after work, stay for the appetizers, but skip a night out with the family here.  Take the kids to Aziza to experience this cuisine instead!

Review Pictures:

IMG_7669IMG_7678 IMG_7679 IMG_7680

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