La Mar (The Embarcadero)


Kid Foodie Review:

Hi kid foodies!  Grandpa and I took my parents to La Mar for Grandpa Party Night to try out some Purvian food.  Grandpa and I wore blue, I grabbed my orange notebook, and we headed to the piers!  I loved our giant booth, and even though there wasn’t a kids’ menu, I had no trouble finding something that I loved. Right when we sat down we got a big bowl of potato and banana chips!  I love eating fish, and this place had lots of it, so I decided to try a Purvian pasta dish with scallops and shrimp.  I thought it was delicious.  But what did I really love?  The pork belly that my dad ordered!  I ate as much as he would give me (and then took a tiny bit more when he wasn’t looking).  Take your parents here if you want to try some super yummy, Kid Foodie-approved seafood!

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

Peruvian food is one of my favorites, especially a delicious cebiche–and La Mar did not disappoint!  We ordered three different cebiches, and they were nothing short of awesome–fresh fish (halibut was the fish of the day that day), huge Purvian corn kernels, zingy citrus, ginger, and wonderfully hot habaneros were just some of the flavors we got to experience.  The cebiches where so inventive and fresh, with a great mix of textures–don’t miss them to start, and pair them with a crisp pisco sour (heaven)!  We also adored the pork belly and the mahi.

Kid Foodie had an easy time with the menu, with lots of options from seafood to meat skewers that are extremely kid friendly.  The staff was happy to have a kid show up, and our server gave us the scoop on sauces that might be too hot–even offering to make a basic pasta if necessary (it wasn’t).  The dining room was open and sunny, and there is great outside seating right on the water for a warm day.  This is a must-try if you are looking for something new for family dinner–you won’t be disappointed and neither will the kids.  Kid Foodie will be back here for sure.

Review Pictures (check out the scene for yourself!):

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