Foreign Cinema (Mission)


The Kid Foodie Review:

Hi fellow kid foodies!  Grandpa and I headed out to California food this week for Grandpa Party Night!  I love Foreign Cinema because it’s so good and I got to order 3 courses just like Grandpa and my parents always do!  My favorite part was the delicious steak–I didn’t even share one bite with my dad (check out the picture below!).  I tried grapefruit for the first time and it was WAY too sour, but I tried it!  Everyone was super nice to me, too.  I give this place a great Kid Foodie score–two and a half bridges!!  Kids, take your parents here because the last course is a kids’ sundae with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream.  Yummy!

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

I love Mediterranean food–and Foreign Cinema does it up well, in true California style.  First of all, they adore kids here.  Kid Foodie was greeted at the door by super friendly hosts who presented her with a kids’ pre fix (3 course) menu, and coloring book and crayons.  I love this idea–nice work Foreign Cinema.  And, the kids’ menu included a great selection of organic veggies/fruits (including a few reaches such as lightly roasted beats and grapefruit) that kids are encouraged to dive into with their hands–super fun hands-on eating for kids.  Kid Foodie went with steak for her first course, accompanied by delicious smashed potatoes, and she devoured every bite.  Foreign Cinema gets serious bonus points for getting Kid Foodie’s first course out RIGHT AWAY, and then timing her main course perfectly with the adults’ main course.

The adults loved Foreign Cinema as much as Kid Foodie did!  This is a great lively scene with good outdoor seating and sweeping high ceilings inside.  It was a cool night, and there was a nice crackling fire in the fireplace near our table, and lots of people having robust conversation and easy laughter.  There is also nice bar scene and an extensive wine list.  We loved our server’s prompt but unhurried approach–she knew the menu well and made sure Kid Foodie was having a great time.  Ok, down to the food.  The local roasted calamari with cannelloni beans was divine.  That plus olives, fresh bread, and the warm goat cheese made for the perfect start on this cool night.  We also adored the Alaskan halibut (perfectly snow white and tender), the duck (innovative preparation that was light but extremely flavorful and very interesting), and the sesame/poppyseed fried chicken (moist and comfortably delicious).  We stayed for dessert because of Kid Foodie’s final course, and now we wouldn’t think of leaving here without the Valrhona chocolate pot de crème and the goat milk cheesecake.  YUM.

In short, this is a great place to take kids to delicious Mediterranean food.  I am very impressed with Foreign Cinema’s approach to kid food, which is basically to treat kids how I want to be treated–give me a few taste adventures, and make sure my food experience is healthful, comfortable, and local if possible.  We’ll be back!

Review Pictures:

IMG_9771 IMG_9770 IMG_9769 IMG_9766 IMG_9765

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