Farallon (Union Square)


Kid Foodie Review:

Hi kids!  I headed out to Farallon for seafood (I love seafood!) for Wednesday Grandpa Party Night and I was happy there.  It felt like we were under the sea for dinner (see the pics below)!  My family got to sit in a big booth, I got to see a giant platter of lobster heads go by my table, and I had yummy bread shaped like a snake!  I loved my halibut, and the best part (besides the snake bread), was the nutella chocolate cake!!!  Kids, take your parents here for seafood!

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

Farallon has long been a family tradition, so we were excited to take Kid Foodie for her first time.  We got a great table with lots of action for Kid Foodie to watch, and although there was no kids’ menu, our server, Lash, did a great job of making sure that the night went well.  Kid Foodie devoured the fresh bread, and then Lash brought out an early amuse-bouche so that Kid Foodie could enjoy the full Farallon experience before her halibut arrived–well before the adult meals.  Kid Foodie devoured everything and moved on to a delicious “nutella bar” that all of the adults decided to copy.  There was lots of room for her to wiggle, and the staff was just lovely.

Ok, the scoop on the food.  We started with a sampling of oysters on the half shell and adored the Kusshi, but all were delicious!  We also loved the seared scallops, the Hawaiian Ono, and thought the Maine Lobster with sweatbreads was over the top with rich deliciousness!  The fish was beautiful and the preparation was inventive–and don’t leave without trying the nutella bar!

Our family had a great time at this San Francisco seafood landmark.  Kid Foodie was greeted with smiles, kid-pleasing food, and an entertaining atmosphere.  The adults felt happy and relaxed and we were all impressed with the food.  Don’t hesitate to take the kids to Farallon for a night out that the whole family will love.

Review Pictures:

IMG_9482IMG_9478 IMG_9480 IMG_9479  IMG_9475

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