Flour + Water (Mission)


Kid Foodie Review:

Hi there!  Grandpa and I went to the Mission for pasta this week on Grandpa Party Night!  I ran into another kid foodie (Eve) and we both agreed that Flour+Water is a great place for a super yummy dinner.  I loved, loved the beef ravioli (with extra butter) and even asked for more parmesan cheese, which was a new food for me.  Also, I loved the warm bread and olive oil to start.  Yum, I love bread and pasta.  For dessert I asked for the chocolate, which I loved, but my fellow kid foodie, Eve, thought was too bitter.  Our server was really nice and my food showed up really early, AND my family was really happy here–kids this is a great place for a family dinner.  2 1/2 bridges from this Kid Foodie!

Mom’s Review (for what it’s worth):

Flour+Water did not disappoint as a fantastic place to take our family for delicious Italy-meets-California fare!  This adorable, light-filled space was bustling with happily chatting tables and friendly staff.  We got a great table near an open window on this warm evening and began a fun family night by placing Kid Foodie’s order right away, while nibbling on warm sour dough bread with thick olive oil deliciousness.  Our server was extremely proactive about helping us order for Kid Foodie–offering right away to make anything pasta-related that she could ask for. Nice job!  However, completely unnecessary because our Kid Foodie loves all things carbs, so Flour+Water is a no-brainer for ordering–she went with the beef raviolini with kale and hen of the woods mushrooms.  Her dish came our right away, which was good because we were eating a bit later than usual and she was starving.  I quickly ditched some of her kale onto my plate so that hungry Kid Foodie didn’t have a green freak-out, but there was no need to worry, she devoured every bite of her cooked-to-perfection, al dente pasta.  Thanks to Flour+Water for getting her food out quickly, making it delicious, and pairing it with cold milk, too.

Meanwhile, the adults were also super happy.  We started with an amazing, house-cured salumi plate that melted in our mouths (Kid Foodie ate all of the crispy pork trotter (i.e., pork balls)).  We also loved delicate and surprisingly flavorful marinated squash and mozzarella di bufala.  Other highlights included the most beautifully presented seared king salmon with snap peas & pancetta, which was fresh and awesome–even for those at the table who were less than enthusiastic about salmon.  The maltagliati with braised porcini mushroom and almond crumble was declared to be the best pasta in the city and adored unanimously.  Don’t leave here without trying the extremely rich chocolate budno with expresso gelato and sea salt (amazing!) as well as the strawberry panna cotta with cornmeal shortbread and rhubarb (also amazing, even for this chocolate crowd!).

Thanks for the fun and scrumptious family dinner Flour+Water!  Kid Foodie will be back!

Review Pictures:

IMG_0376 IMG_0389 IMG_0388 IMG_0387 IMG_0377IMG_0392

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